The LTV is a compact and lightweight ventilator that can be used for patients ranging from infants weighing 5kg or over, up to adults.
The powerful turbine drive makes this ventilator compatible for use in a wide range of situations, from emergencies and transporting patients, to hospital or home care.
MediOx60 offers both HF mode and NPPV modes, and is equipped with a compressor, oxygen blender, humidifier heater base and pulse oximeter, providing total breathing care for patients with different interfaces available to match a range of environments, from medical institutions to the home.
The HRTX is a biphasic cuirass ventilator that assists breathing and high-frequency chest wall compression by applying positive and negative pressure to a cuirass worn on the torso.

LTV2 2200

LTV2 2150

MediOx 60



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